Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a hard wearing and decorative alternative to standard concrete, and is perfect for pathways, pool surrounds, driveways and outdoor entertainment areas. The exposed effect is created by removing the surface concrete to reveal the beautiful stones embedded within. A sealer is then applied to protect and enhance the finished product.


Used where you want to mimic paving.  It comes in a huge variety of colours and styles.  The benefits of stencil over traditional paving are speed of installation, will not move over time, no weeds in the cracks and cost.


Creates a textured finish that resembles slate.  Also have a large range of colours and a variety of different impression patterns. A base colour and a release colour are used to give a two tone effect.


Choose form a large range of colours which can either be added to the concrete prior to poring which colour the concrete throughout or thrown on top.  The surface is then finished to create a slightly rough texture for non slip properties.  For added effect saw cuts can be put through the job to create a tiled look.


Can be finished in a variety of ways depending on the application.